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Use it to. If you're suspicious, free app to read deleted text messages paranoid or just downright creepy, this video can show. Before February 27, , an automated system generated this malware about spy dialer list. About spy dialer Listen about spy dialer to voicemail recordings here! It is still much easier to stay in contact with that system.

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Now it is much more difficult to search the information without bothering anybody. Spy Dialer offers three services to attempt to combat the problem. However, this apparently will ring their telephone AND give an automated message saying "Sorry, you have just been Spy Dialed! You might want to opt out or something! It simply looks up the information. I began with me! And guess what: My information is unavailable. I have two accounts and my name appeared on one but not on the other. I don't know why because it is from the same email provider and I used my name to create both accounts.

So sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.

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That is a very big disappointment. I guess this is some trick to make you pay for the full version. You know how sometimes you get a phone call from a you don't know? Well, this site allows you to look up the number and hear the outgoing voicemail, see a photo and name attached to it as well.

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Read More. Customer Reviews. September 9, This app works great the only thing I've found that's annoying is if the phone number that's called you is out of the U. September 5, September 14, I searched my moms and it freaked her out! I don't like the ringtone at all.

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Its really scary. I just wanted it to say the persons name. September 1, October 8, Mistook it something else helpful Lots of voice mail says nothing except "Leave your message". So I don't get name, address, phone's purchased area, no clue who called. Sometimes I beep into call waiting. Why I need app for that? October 7, October 30, Paranoiddealwithit It is the most reliable consistent app for this purpose. October 3, Fake app Do not buy this app they don't guarantee of money back.

They don't communicate with you. October 17, Love it. Amazing ap, I use it daily and recomenfmd it to everyone I know.

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Thanks for the awesome app. October 13, Not working I got this app because my man liked it but it doesn't work well for my phone. Wish it would have liked like a fun app. October 12, October 1, Spy dialer It gives me what i want. No runaround like the last 4apps i've tried. November 1, May 9, May 5, Says its free watever Says its free but requires a credit card screw it. May 30, May 26, Not working at all on this android Just a white screen shows, nothing else.

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May 2, May 10, March 5, Has always worked for me. Simple, easy to use, and it works. Overall it's a good app. It does what it says. March 4, March 31, Not good at all Notifies the person you call that a call was missed. The number that called is valid but is of an automated service telling the person you called someone has been spying on them. Dont use! March 3, Junk Still junk most of the time it does not work Please fix.

March 29, March 23, It sucks! It doesn't even work on my own cell phone number. What a joke!

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This app is garbage! Waste of time. March 20, March 16, June 8, June 4, June 22, June 20, Nice Nice to know who's phone number you have it could be someone's you hate you never know until you find out. June 15,